For each question, select the answer that most closely corresponds to your situation. Please note that this questionnaire is only intended to be a rough guide. For guidance with your specific financial situation, you can contact our advisory team to set a time to speak.

  • Question 1
    How many years until you plan on withdrawing regular income from your retirement account?
  • Question 2
    What is your current Retirement Savings-to-Income ratio?

    (E.g. If you earn $50,000 annually and have $250,000 of retirement assets, then you have saved 5x your annual income.)

  • Question 3
    If the stock market were to suffer a decline of 20% over a 3 month period, what would you do with the investments in your retirement account?
  • Question 4
    How much short-term investment risk are you willing to take in order to achieve larger long-term investment returns?
  • Question 5
    While reviewing your retirement account statements, you discover that your account has had negative returns for several months in a row. What are you most likely to do with your account?
  • Question 6
    What is the approximate loss in any one year period that you would be willing to accept before deciding to change your investments?